The Aisha Story

Topics: Damnation, Ahn Byeong-ki, Mobile phone Pages: 4 (1669 words) Published: January 2, 2013

It was about 3-4 days before our second semester exams, I had some cousins at my place. It was quite a misty and cold morning which made me lie on the bed, my phone vibrated in the morning I was so lazy that couldn’t even help me picking up the phone. My intrusive cousin checked up the peep and notified me of a good morning from an unknown number. I got curious and enquired who he was??? The first day went on with some intrinsic messaging wars most of the times trying to reveal her identity. First she said she was some kinda aslam or something then she said that she was a desperate laila searching for her majnu. She was good at pranks probably a prankster. And seriously I was loving it coz I got sucked up with my studies, but was a bit frustrated as well coz I hadn’t studied anything till then. I had phoned her several times to get identity revealed but was a fool even though having lots of sim with me there was no bal. in the rest of them and couldn’t make a call through them. Finally my persistent efforts bore a fruit when she revealed her identity as aisha as I pleaded her not to screw my exams. But still I couldn’t believe her. At the end of the day I messaged her: “gud ni8 to whoever u r whtr aslam, aisha or laila desperate for her majnu” But in between there were a lot of funny instances too, Prof. Dubey of Zindangi Na milegi Dobara coming back to life with some classic dubey narratives from it. Aishu’s Hindi although in dumble drums had a klazz in itself. I doubted then, if it was any of my Delhi friends who was just playing pranks. But I hadn’t given any of my friends the current number I am using other than the Docomo one. At times I even did think that whether she was a mirror which would revive memories of my past thoughts and moments unforgettable in my life. Still I felt like it was some prank being played by my college mates. The next day morning she sent me a good morning and introduced herself:...
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