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Topics: Feeling, The Little Girl, Mexico Pages: 5 (1281 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Gloria Anzaldúa. “The Homeland, Aztlán.” Borderlands
- mestizo means genetically equipped to survive small pox
- Treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo is the treaty that ended the u.s.-Mexican war, signing half of mexico’s land away, and displacing 100,000 Mexican citizens

Culture Clash, “In Search of Aztlán”.
- The three members go from place to place that has some historical significance looking for their homeland Aztlan
- Their final conclusion is that Aztlan is in each one of them it’s how they feel pride about where they come from that gives Aztlan significance.

Characteristics of Diaspora experience.
- History of imposed dispersal, (I.e. the jews)
- “home” and “host” countries
- Alienation from “host” country
- desire to return to “home” country
- continued sense of support for “home” country
- collective identity grounded in experience of displacement
- preservation of homeland in memory and myth
- idealization of “home”
- impossible to return

Alicia Gáspar de Alba. “Name That Border”
Teyali vs. Alice vs. Alicia
-Teyali is the name she’s given at birth it, it makes her feel pain and shame. She feels this shame because her parents got a divorce, the paternal grandparents who she was raised by “mopped the floor” with the name. Also it was not a Christian name

- Alice represents her getting Americanized, perfect English, girl scout, father daughter dinners
- Alicia represents her going back to her roots and fully accepting herself

Roberto Quesada “Miami International Airport”
- the setting of the airport is significant because it represents the border he needs to cross in order to reach the states, it acts as boundary he has to overcome
- at first his movement is challenged because he does not speak very good English, and then again by how much money he has and how he has no way to return home from the states

John Leguizamo “Mambo Mouth”
- He plays a latina girl, a Mexican turned asian, an old proper british white man, Mexican in jail trying to get out, and a really brightly dressed ghetto Mexican
- his approach to deal with these stereotypes were mostly exaggeration, whether it was how he acted, dressed
- he also used props

Cristina Ibarra “Dirty Laundry”
- The main character explores religion, and her cousins cincenerra. By debating whether or not to take communion and also to confess, which are both traditions to do before a cincenerra.
- She resists doing confession and not taking her communion, but also conforms by letting everyone think she did.

Tomás Rivera. “Zoo Island”
- He claims community by using a town next to them as an example, he figures that they have more people than the other town, so why should they not get some of the benefits as well
- Its important to them because it gives them a sense of belonging, it shows that they do exist, that their all experiencing the same thing together.

Olga Loya “ La Llorana”
- a rich Spanish man and Indian women are in love have children but the Spanish man cant marry her because of her class, he tries to marry another she foils the wedding, he tries to take the kids, she realizes he wants the kids not her, she has her kids jump in the river she follows.

- it is used in chicano culture by scaring children to behave, and for infidelity.

Norma Cantú. “Outings” and “Christmas”
- they always went out on Sunday as a family, on easter they would make cascarones (eggs with confetti) and have a picnic as a family, they liked to ride in their dads car, chritsmas was sometimes with gifts bough homemade and other not at all.

- Family and community contributed to these traditions by their outings became less and less fancy but they still did it as a family, during Christmas they couldn’t afford a xmas tree so the girl made one out of a mesquite branch and another year won her class tree, Also community was apart of the traditions when they couldn’t afford gifts sometimes people would give them...
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