Table of Specification

Topics: Figure of speech, Figures of speech, Rhetorical techniques Pages: 5 (1001 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Republic of the Philippines
Candijay Campus, Cogtong
Cogtong, Candijay, Bohol

First Periodical Examination in English IV
S.Y. 2012-2013

Test I. Matching Type. Match Column A with Column B. Write the correct letter and word/s in your answer sheet that corresponds your answer.

Column A
1.Assonance (f)
2.Dactylic meter (h)
3.Monometer (g)
4.Enjambment (a)
5.Theme (c)
6.Antithesis (d)
7.Symbol (j)
8.Metaphor (i)
9.Rhyme (b)
10.Alliteration (e)

Column B lines
b.repeats similar sounds in some apparent scheme underlying idea that comments on human condition
d.a contrast of words or ideas
e.the repetition for effect of initial vowels or consonants f.refers to the correspondence of vowel sounds
g.a one-foot line
h.opposite of anapestic an implied, not expressed, comparison to two unlike objects j.a concrete object, event or character in the story which represents an abstract idea like love, patriotism and others k.saying the opposite of what is meant in a manner or in a tone that shows what the speaker thinks

Test II. Multiple Choice. Write the letter of the correct answer in your answer sheet. 1.What figure of speech is used when you are comparing two dissimilar objects by using the words as, or as if? a.Metaphorb. Similec. Apostrophed. Personification

2.The following are true about good characterization EXCEPT a.Good characterization is not stereotyped.
b.Good characterization is not a repetition of the same traits of the characters. c.Good characterization is just seeing a range of different aspects of traits. d.Good characterization is just acting out the best that you can be. 3.What figure of speech you are going to use when you want to exaggerate ideas but not to deceive but just to produce laughter? a.Ironyb. Antithesisc. Hyperboled. Personification

4.What point of view is referred to when the narrator is the character who tells the story from his or her own observation? a.First Personc. First Person-Observer
b.Author-Observerd. Omniscient
5.What point of view is referred to when a character tells in the first person a story he or she has observed? c.First Person c. First Person-Observer
d.Author-Observer d. Omniscient
Determine what figure of speech is used in each of the following sentences. 6.The girl has soft curly hair that glitters like gold.
a.Metaphorb. Similec. Personificationd. Hyperbole
7.The innocent sweet day is dead. Dark night hath slain her in her bed. a.Metaphorb. Similec. Personificationd. Hyperbole
8.The dusk comes stealthily on tiny feet.
a.Metaphorb. Similec. Personificationd. Hyperbole
9.Upon his back is the burden of the world.
a.Metaphorb. Similec. Personificationd. Hyperbole
10.Mother prepares a good meal.
a.Ironyb. Metonymyc. Apostrophed. Antithesis
Select the correct meaning of the underlined word/phrase.
11.He landed in a sea of difficulty.
a.disastrous situation c. humorous situation b.conflicting situationd. uncertainty of events
12.His voice died away.
a.flewb. fadedc. softenedd. disappeared
13.He has fallen behind because of his absences.
a.strong behindc. failed to keep up with the bottomd. very disappointed
14.He turned up a new leaf after long years of imprisonment. a.made another and better effortc. made a turning point
b.come into the new lifed. gave up old hopes
15.He told the truth when pushed against the wall.
a.struck hardb. pressuredc. forced to the walld. bullied

Test III. True or False. Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if the statement is wrong. 1.The sound of word is the basic unit of composition in poems.(FALSE) 2.Poems are literary attempts to share personal experiences and feelings. (TRUE) 3.Rhyme is the regularized and pattern...
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