Brit Lit Exam

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Honors British Literature II

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

Vocabulary and Grammar

____1.In “To An Athlete Dying Young,” Housman refers to “the rout / of lads that wore their honors out.” A rout is a a.|failed plan.|c.|traveled path.|
b.|loud clamor.|d.|disorderly mob.|

____2.Which phrase is the closest in meaning to sinews?
a.|ropes and pulleys|c.|muscular power|
b.|mechanical power|d.|chemical power|

____3.Ague, a fever accompanied by chills and sweating, was one of the early symptoms of the plague. When Pepys writes that he has “apprehensions of an ague,” he means that a.|he feels angry because he may get sick with the plague.|

b.|he thinks that he is already sick with the plague.|
c.|he feels hopeful that he will not get sick with the plague.| d.|he is afraid that he will get sick, infect his family, and die.|

____4.Things that are waning are ____.

____5.Which word best characterizes a situation in which a woman claims a neighbor’s dog destroyed her garden and sues the neighbor? a.|profanation|c.|contention|

____6.Which italicized phrase is not an example of a present participial phrase? a.|“Frenchmen . . . losing sight of all / Which they had struggled for . . .”| b.|“When most intent on making of herself / A prime enchantress . . .”| c.|“till, demanding formal proof, / . . . I lost / All feeling of conviction . . .”| d.|“These waters, rolling from their mountain springs . . .”|

____7.Which of the following words means the opposite of wan? a.|exhausted|c.|shy|

____8.Which words referring to compass points should be capitalized? a.|all|c.|those referring to a direction of travel|
b.|those referring to specific regions|d.|those referring to longitudes only|

____9.Which phrase is most nearly the same in meaning as presumption? a.|the desire to be first|
b.|a guessing at something without having the facts|
c.|a sometimes egotistical assuming of things|
d.|the taking of power or high office|

____10.Which of the following is not an example of inverted word order? a.|“The nymph exulting fills with shouts the sky. . . .”| b.|“Of broken troops an easy conquest find.”|
c.|“On one nice trick depends the general fate.”|
d.|“At this, the blood the virgin’s cheek forsook. . . .”|

____11.Which italicized phrase is an example of a present participial phrase? a.|“As if they had within some lurking right / To wield it . . .”| b.|“betrayed / By present objects, and by reasonings false . . .”| c.|“more like a man / Flying from something that he dreads . . .”| d.|“little lines / Of sportive wood run wild . . .”|

____12.Poets ____ the Brownings were as well-known in their time ____ today’s entertainers. a.|like; like|c.|like; as|
b.|as; as|d.|as; like|

____13.Which is the best meaning of the word dispensation as it is used in the line from “Journey of the Magi”? We returned to our places, these Kingdoms, / But no longer at ease here, in the old dispensation, / With an alien people clutching their gods.

b.|religious system|d.|business|

____14.Which of the italicized words is the superlative form of an irregular adjective? a.|John had better luck than Andrew in his relationship.|
b.|Of the three men, Andujar had the worst difficulties in his relationships.| c.|Claire had a greater fear of making a commitment than Helene did.| d.|Julie was taller than the other three women.|

Critical Reading

____15.In “On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer,” what does Keats mean by “the realms of gold”? a.|tropical oceans|c.|literary classics|
b.|foreign countries|d.|ancient civilizations|

____16.Which of the following excerpts from “Meditation 17” expresses the major theme of the poem? a.|“Tribulation is treasure...
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