Synoptic Gospels Final Exam

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Synoptic Gospels Final Exam


1) What did the sign of Jonah represent? a) The people that would run from the gospel. b) Christ's resurrection from the dead. c) A great disaster that would come and destroy the people. d) Christ's love would reach even the most vile, like Ninevah. .

2) Which Herod had John the Baptist beheaded? a) Herod Archelaus b) Herod the Great c) Herod Antipas d) Herod Agrippa .

3) Matthew most likely wrote his letter from a) Antioch of Psidia b) Rome c) Antioch of Syria d) Jerusalem .

4) Jesus told the disciples that the greatest in Heaven must be like a a) shepherd b) sheep c) child d) martyr .

5) Which Herod had all the babies in Bethlehem killed at the time of Christ's birth? a) Herod Antipas b) Herod Agrippa c) Herod Archelaus d) Herod the Great .

6) Jesus moved from the town of Nazareth to: a) Capernaum b) Antioch c) Bethlehem d) Jerusalem .

7) The ____________________ are contained in the Sermon on the Mount and are unique to the Gospel of Matthew. a) Parables b) Beatitudes c) Calling of the first four disciples d) Passion narratives .

8) What was the affliction with which Peter's mother-in-law suffered? a) palsy b) fever c) leprosy d) paralysis .

9) The word "synoptics" means: a) To provide a comparison b) To see together c) To view separately d) To provide a similar meaning .

10) A sign of something to come or a foreshadowing (specifically people) is called a: a) Symbol b) Type c) Custom d) Figure .

11) Matthew was probably written a) Between AD 62-70 b) After AD 70 c) Immediately after the death of Christ d) Between AD 50-55 .

12) The Sermon on the Mount is called the _________________ of the King. a) Magistrate b) Message c) Memorandum d) Manifesto .

13) Together, the Gospels provide a ___________________. a) Complete account of the life of Christ. b) Historical record of the early Church. c) An accurate genealogy that allows us to trace the heritage of Jesus. d) A witness. .

14) Parables were sometimes used to _______________ the truth from some while revealing it to others. 15) Peter's confession recognized both the _______________ and _______________ of Christ. 16) False teachers are sometimes disguised as _______________. 17) The gospel never changes. Sometimes the _______________ of _______________ must change. 18) We are told to be the salt of the earth because salt acts as a _______________. 19) Jesus warns us never to act out of a spirit of _______________. 20) _______________, _______________, and _______________ were with Jesus at the transfiguration.

21) This is the theory that two of the Gospels borrowed from the other _______________. 22) _______________ is when scholars believe that the writers took a collection of unorganized oral stories, picked and chose what they felt was important and wrote them down to fulfill their purpose in writing. 23) The theory of _______________ believes that the Gospels borrowed sayings of Jesus from a document called Q. 24) When Jesus did not explain a parable, it is important to look at the _______________ for proper interpretation. 25) Redaction means to _______________. 26) The theory that Mark was written first is called the _______________ of Mark. 27) The language that Jesus spoke and Matthew wrote in was called _______________. Please match the identifying image to the correct Gospel. 28) ______ Luke a) 29) ______ Mark b) 30) ______ Matthew c) 31) ______ John d) . .

Lion Ox Eagle Human

Please match the intended audience with the Gospel writer. 32) ______ Mark a) 33) ______ Matthew b) 34) ______ Luke c) 35) ______ John d) . .

Romans Christians Hebrews/Jews Greeks

Please match the category of writing to the description of the category. 36) ______ Dominical sayings a) Accounts that focus on Jesus' ability to overturn earthly limitations. 37) ______ Historical stories b) Short sayings of Jesus in context. 38) ______ Pronouncements c) Accounts of events in the life of Christ. 39)...
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