Syllabus Business Statistics L2

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LCCI International Qualifications

Level 2 Certificate in Business Statistics

Effective from 1st October 2001

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EDI is a leading international awarding body that was formed through the merger of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board (LCCI) and GOAL, a leading online assessment provider. EDI now delivers LCCI International qualifications (LCCI IQ) through a network of over 5000 registered centres in more than 120 countries worldwide. Our range of business-related qualifications is trusted and valued by employers worldwide and recognised by universities and professional bodies.

Level 2 Certificate in Business Statistics
Aims The aims of this syllabus are to enable candidates to develop:   a knowledge and understanding of some basic statistical techniques the ability to apply this knowledge and understanding in solving business problems

Target Audience and Candidate Progression
This qualification is intended for candidates who:     have an up-to-date knowledge of basic arithmetical processes can recognise and use the appropriate formulae provided with the examination paper wish to obtain a certificate for the LCCI IQ Business Statistics Level 2 examination wish to proceed to the Business Statistics Level 3 course

Level of English Candidates should have a standard of English equivalent to LCCI IQ English for Business Level 1.


Structure of the Qualification
The level 2 Certificate in Business Statistics is a single unit qualification that consists of the range of topics detailed below.

Syllabus Topics
1 2 3 4 Quantitative information Descriptive Statistics Forecasting Uncertainty

Guided Learning Hours
EDI recommends that 140-160 Guided Learning Hours (GLHs) provide a suitable course duration for an ‘average’ candidate at this level. This figure includes direct contact hours as well as other time when candidates’ work is being supervised by teachers. Ultimately, however, it is the responsibility of training centres to determine the appropriate course duration based on their candidates’ ability and level of existing knowledge. EDI experience indicates that the number of GLHs can vary significantly from one training centre to another.

Assessment Objectives The examination will assess the candidate’s ability to:   demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of some basic statistical techniques including the collection and presentation of data apply the above knowledge and understanding in solving business problems

Coverage of Syllabus Topics in Examinations Four questions are set from Syllabus Topics 2 and 3. The remaining 2 questions are set from Syllabus Topics 1 and 4. Questions may be drawn from 2 or more syllabus topics. Mark Allocation Marks will be awarded for the appropriateness of the method used as well as for the accuracy of the answer. Marks will not normally be reserved for appropriate use of English, correct use of grammar, for a specific format of answer, or for presentation, except where specifically stated in the question (such as asking for the answer in a particular format). Candidates should, however, be aware of the need for clear, intelligible and unambiguous answers. An answer must be comprehensible in order to gain marks.


Examination Format    The time allowance for the examination is 2 hours 30 minutes Candidates will be required to answer 4 questions from a choice of 6 All questions carry equal marks

All questions carry equal marks Answer Format Marks are awarded for correct working as well as for correct answers and for an appropriate level of accuracy. Where a correct answer is provided, without working, a candidate will normally be given full marks for that section. However, where a question asks for a specific method, then that method must be used and shown,...
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