Supply Chain Management Report

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NAME OF THE COMPANY: AGNI .Interactive.Pvt ltd
POSITION HELD: Social Media and Business Development marketing Facilitator (Intern) DURATION: 3 months
COMPANY BRIEF: Agni Interactive is a Global Creative Content development company, with its operations in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Hyderabad(India).

Leveraging the Outsourcing PLUS  methodology, a complete management of a client’s creative initiatives, Agni assists clients in conceptualising and developing the art style and content for all of the digital platforms.  

Following are the services AGNI offers:
* Art Brainstorming & Envisioning
* Original Concept Art development
* 2D Concept Art services for traditional video games
* Smartphone/Mobile Art services
* 3D Art & Animation Services
* Comic book and Graphic Novel treatment and development * Social Game development - Game Design, Flash Art and Engineering AGNI places a strong emphasis on blending artistic and creative design expertise available locally within the US with the primary execution team in India.

* Expected to play a facilitating role in assisting the existing projects in terms of Marketing , Advertising, Human Resource management and most essentially learn the latest tools and frameworks prevalent in the gaming and game development market in India. * To also learn to take over transactions with non-Indian clientele and make myself equipped enough to take up jobs in future in that respect. * Improve and learn technical skills involved in media marketing and project management needed in the real time organisations. * Explore and challenge my skills in a new field of Story Telling and Content conversion in the making of games. TASKS ASSIGNED ON JOINING:

My learning at the internship was extremely valuable and useful to any individual At AGNI, my tasks were very clear and specific. Major roles and responsibilities being: *...
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