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Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: December 6, 2012
D. H. Laurence
Odour of Chrysanthemums

The events take place in a small village where the family lives. Elizabeth is the mother of two children who are waiting for their father. Elizabeth is nervous because her husband does not come home. The children are worried too as he does not come for dinner. The wife keeps a chrysanthemums in her pocket but she wants to throw it away as it is associated with her marriage, with her life with her husband and with the first time he was drunk. She tell her children to go to sleep and goes to her neighbors to find out what could happen. Then she reveals that her husband is dead, he was smothered at work. They bring him home where the children are asleep. Elizabeth and her mother-in-law put him in a parlor and clean his body. At that very moment Elizabeth realizes that she does not know this person at all. He is a stranger for her and they never knew each other. Even children did not unite them. he was just a burden for her and now she was going to throw him away like a chrysanthemums.

A Sick Collier

The main character is a collier who is a really hard working collier. He marries a woman who does not fit him as everybody thinks. Ho works days and nights and one day he starts feeling pain inside of him. Since then he stays at home in a bed as hi cannot move. He lies in bed six months until he sees the strike on the streets through the window. He yells that he wants to go and see a football match which is far away from their home. When his wife wants to stop him he streams “Kill her”. Then he does not remember anything and his wife just hopes that nobody has heard his yelling, otherwise he won’t be paid compensation.


The events take place in the primitive Methodist chapel where the colliers are given strike-pay. Ephraim’s coworkers call him to see the football match. Firstly he denies their invitation, but later he decides to go. But after a few miles of walking he realizes that he has...
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