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Topics: Writing, Religion, Essay Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: September 15, 2008
Have many people been engrossed in thoughts that the way the essay is written and delivered influences that fact whether the author will be able to persuade people or not? Moreover, the argument the author presents in the work is one of the most important factors that defines the popularity of his/her approach among people concerned. The article by Amartya sen “A World Not Neatly Divided” is one of the best examples of the good organisation of the argument. The main statement that Amartya Sen makes in this article is as following: when trying to gain insight into various conflicts that take place nowadays and that occurred in the past, many scientists and politicians support the “civilization approach” (Sen 1). In other words, people are considered only from the religious point of view (Sen 1). For instance, individuals are divided into “the Western” and “Islamic” words (Sen 1). However, Amartya Sen proceeds that as in every country there are representatives of other nationalities, it is impossible to generalise all people only to one category, for instance, Muslims (1). Additionally, another supporting information is that in every nation there are people who are atheists or support the religious beliefs of another religious group that can be not so big as the main one; however, it is also of great importance for realizing the country and people on the whole (Sen 1). In summary, Sen states that as every person has his/her own traits of character, persuasions, beliefs, and personal history, it is not reasonable to explain people''s actions only from the point of view of civilizations (2). Disseminating such approach among people, such persons increase the probability of wars (Sen 2). Except argumentative essays, there are is also a great deal of other essays that are used in different fields for various purposes, including comparison, critical, contrast, exploratory, narrative, and other essays. Argumentative essays are interesting because in order to persuade...
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