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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Suggested answers to Exercise and Reading to learn
(Note: The overseas examination boards bear no responsibility for the suggested answers contained in this publication. Answers for HKCEE and HKALE questions are not available due to copyright restrictions.)

Ch 1Introducing biology

Multiple-choice questions (p. 1-15)
|1 C |2 D |3 B | |4 B |5 A | |

Short questions (p. 1-15)
6. Organisms can
obtain food by nutrition;0.5m
break down food to get energy by respiration;1m
sense the environment and respond to it (irritability);1m
remove waste from their bodies by excretion.1m

7aAsking a question1m
bProposing a hypothesis1m
cMaking a prediction1m
dDoing experiments1m
eDrawing a conclusion1m

8Some foods (e.g. cheese and yoghurt) are made with the help of microorganisms.1m
Vaccines give us protection against certain diseases.1m
(or other correct answers)

9Pollution / diseases / genetically modified food / cloning
(any 2 or other correct answers)1m x 2

Reading to learn (p. 1-16)
1Microbes were found in nutrient solutions.2m

2Microbes fell into the solutions from the dust particles in the air.2m

3Experiment 1 was the control set-up while Experiment 2 was the experimental set-up.1m The control set-up was aimed at ensuring that the result of the experiment was due only to the presence of microbes.1m

4Scientific knowledge is tentative and subject to change.2m
Science is affected by the technology and equipment available at the time.2m
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