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Student Name: Phan Thế Ý|
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Vinataba tobacco product is a premium tobacco product of Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation(VINATABA), this is high-end tobacco products branded Vietnam and the one offering the highest sales volume in Vietnam today, in addition it is also offering the largest profits and contributions of VINATABA. In addition to the economic benefits due to tobacco products Vinataba bring, this product also contributes to combat tobacco smuggling, to meet the demands of the people, and it is considered highly competitive products in the process of international integration. Previously, Vinataba tobacco products are assigned to the four plants under production and consumption, but due to the competitiveness of the plant (internal competition ) caused many difficulties for the development of the product. So, from 01/04/1997 VINATABA decided to plant four affiliated corporations Vinataba tobacco production, and over all tobacco products Vinataba for Tobacco Trading Company consumption . For Commercial Tobacco companies, Vinataba tobacco products has special importance. Because it is the company's flagship product Tobacco Trade, is a product revenues primarily for profit company, to create conditions for the existence and development company, in addition it is also product could generate momentum for the business and other products of the company and create the conditions for the company to multi-sector business. From the above analysis and the goal is to better understand the overall marketing strategy, on the construction of wholesale marketing strategies in particular, I would like to choose the theme: "Completing the wholesale marketing strategy of Tobacco Trading Company" to make my assignment. In which, thematic research task is to analyze the overall tobacco consumption, Vinataba tobacco consumption in particular situation, and analyze marketing activities of the Tobacco Trading Company, thereby contributing solutions to improve trade marketing strategy of company. Thematic will include three of the following issues: - Chapter I: Overview of the Vietnamese cigarette market.

- Chapter II: Status of marketing Vinataba tobacco products of Tobacco Trading Company. - Chapter III: Develop marketing strategies for the company's Vinataba tobacco products.

Chapter I: Overview of the Vietnamese cigarette market.
1. Product Information.
Vinataba product is a joint venture between the world's leading tobacco group BAT (British American Tobacco) and the Vietnam Tobacco Corporation, the official manufacturer in 1990. Vinataba tobacco products is produced by the four factories under the Vietnam Tobacco Corporation production: Saigon Tobacco Factory, Thang Long Tobacco Factory, Bac Son Tobacco Factory, Thanh Hoa Tobacco Factory. This is the brand product of the Vietnam Tobacco Corporation, the factory produce in the form of corporation franchise and give the company exclusive commercial tobacco consumption. Vinataba tobacco is a quality product and reasonable price with the average-income consumers and...
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