Staruml Beginnings

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, Graphical user interface, Dialog box Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Starting up with StarUML

For the class modeling we are undertaking on this module, we can use a UML software modeling tool – StarUML. StarUML is a freeware UML tool. The official webpage provides general information, documentation and a download page (so you can download it and install it at your home PC).


As part of the download, it is worth selecting the option to create a desktop item which will make it easier to launch the application. When StarUML commences, it opens a new UML project, according to 4 pre-defined approaches. Accept the “Default Approach” and press OK

Spend some time exploring and becoming familiar to the StarUML interface. On the right hand side you can see the Model Explorer and the Diagram Explorer. Your project already contains a general analysis and design model for a class diagram. At the bottom right is the Properties dialog box which contains the details of any item selected from the model. The working diagram is in the middle and at the left the Toolbox, which is automatically adjusted to the working diagram. It is quite easy to move the different dialog boxes around and this can be a problem at times if you ‘lose’ a dialog box. If this happens, go to the View Menu in the top menu line and make sure that the dialog box is selected. You may need to expand some of the dialog boxes. However at the start, you should have the dialog boxes as described here.

StarUML normally saves all the project information (i.e. all project diagrams) to a single file with the extension .uml. Save the project using the file menu. If you are at university, make sure that you save the file to your H drive.

Creating a Class Diagram
At the Model Explorer, expand the Design Model and then click on Main. Use the Properties window to change the name of the diagram from Main to Class Diagram. Now double click on the Class Diagram (ex-Main) on the Model Explorer, so you open it as working diagram. Now...
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