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Topics: Rhetoric, Public speaking, Public speaker Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: October 22, 2012
My speech content and structure improved more and more with every speech, I believe. The content with my first two speeches weren’t very good, because I didn’t do enough research about the topics or allowed myself time to really think about every aspect of the speech. The content in my Persuasive Speech about school uniforms lacked enough useful information and was too vague. I was more focused on memorizing things and getting over my nervousness. After I became comfortable and more knowledgeable about how to prepare for a speech, I began to put more effort into the content and the information I wanted to audience to really understand. So in my next speech about Premarital Counseling, I put a lot more time into the content and the information I had researched, and by doing that I became passionate about the subject and was able to deliver a better speech with confidence. The structuring of the speeches also improved, I learned more and more from every speech about how I needed to structure my speech more effectively. I realized that when I put more work into writing everything down and preparing for the speech structure that the talking part wasn’t so bad. I think my nonverbal delivery improved a little bit with every speech, but I still need improvement. After my first two speeches I noticed by my third speech that my gestures improved, as well as my enthusiasm in my tone and also in my eyes. My speech that I thought I had the best nonverbal delivery was the speech about premarital counseling, I think it was easier to “feel” my speech because I was passionate about it.

Of all the content I have learned this semester about public speaking, the ‘personalizing ideas’ has what impacted me the most. I have realized that the speeches I am more interested in listening to is when they present their ideas in human terms that relate in some fashion to the experience of the audience/myself. So, when I give a speech now I have a goal to entertain the...
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