Sound Development Management Program Proposals

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DM 215 LOCAL AND REGIONAL GOVERNANCE| Final Exam 2nd Semester SY 2012-2013|


On the sound development management roles of the state (page 3), give one (1) specific program/activity/project to address respond to one (1) key milestone for each role.|

The sound development management roles of the state should help assess the strengths and weaknesses on government policies to identify strategic direction for reform. In this paper, as we identify the key milestones specific to the sound management roles of the state the writer identified specific program / activity / project that would respond to the need noted. The table below summarizes the writer’s proposal:

SOUND DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT ROLES OF THE STATE| KEY MILESTONES| SPECIFIC PROGRAM / ACTIVITY / PROJECT| 1. Creating a conducive economic environment| Decentralize economic decision making and stabilize inflation| Participatory Economic Planning| 2. Protecting the vulnerable| Maintain social assistance programs for the disabled and disadvantaged| Disabled or disadvantaged Placement Agency| 3. Improving government efficiency and responsiveness| Attract qualified, competent, honest and realistically paid individuals into public service| Set skills should be identified for each position and specialized skills needed should be included in the civil service professional exam| 4. Empowering people and democratizing the political system| Establish a conducive institutional environment comprising properly functioning parliaments, legal and judicial systems and electoral processes| Strict implementation of the compliance for rendering court decision.| 5. Decentralizing the administrative system| Redistribute authority, responsibility and finances for public services among different government levels| Local government budget framework| 6. Reducing gaps between rich and poor| Reduce social disparities| Improved state education system and increased state subsidies| 7. Encouraging cultural diversity and social integration| Maintain cultural identity and roots while promoting social cohesion| Integrate local customs and traditions appreciation in our basic education curriculum| 8. Protecting the environment| Integrate economic and environmental accounting| “Pangalagaan Kalikasan” Government should adopt a policy on environmental protection which will partner with non-government organizations and civil society and define their specific roles and checks to ensure consistency and efficiency.|

The detailed discussion on the specific programs/activities/policies mentioned is as follows: Participatory Economic Planning
Decentralized economic planning it will involve six (6) levels of assessment to directly address the needs of the people. The levels will be as follows: (1) Barangay level; (2) Municipal/City level; (3) District level; (4) Provincial level; (5) Regional level; and (8) National level. At each level a “needs assessment” will be conducted where producers and consumers, or their representatives, will negotiate as to the quality and quantity of what is to be produced. In this regard there is a need to form consumers’ groups and producers’ groups where consumers’ groups will act as decision-making bodies for consumption planning and the producers’ group (which will include labor groups) will act as decision-making bodies for production planning. These groups will be joined by a government counterpart at their assemblies which should be held on a semi-annual or annual basis. In this way it is the community that dictates their needs and what they can produce - where they can assess the viability. Further, it addresses the grassroots concern rather than assuming needs at a national level. This also promotes local produce and supports local...
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