Sociology Ethnicity

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Intelligence:controversial (racist?) notions (Eysenck, Jensen, Hernstein & Murray) Outside school factors: material deprivation; social class background; gender; street culture (Sewell); high number of single parent, female-headed families Inside school factors: institutional & cultural racism (Coard, Gilborn); setting & streaming (Gilborn & Youdell); language (Labov, Mac an Ghaill); self-motivation of girls (Fuller, Mirza); lack of minority teacher role models; labelling & self-fulfilling prophecy (Connolly); ethnocentric curriculum; high levels of exclusions; teacher stereotyping (Wright) Differential attainment between & within ethnic groups

Sociological theory: Marxism – ideological function of failing minority students distraction from real cause of white insecurity – capitalist system

Weberian – institutional racism as system pre-dates multiculturalism need to improve minority student status with role models & multicultural curriculum

Maximum target time for q1-5: 25 min

Read information above then answer the following questions using your textbook & notes.

1Which ethnic groups are the most successful in British education system? 1 mark Chinese and Indians

2What was the basic argument of Herrnstein & Murray? 2 marks Argue that the lack of male role model at home for many African boys may encourage them to turn to an anti-educational macho gang-culture. The high rate of lone parenthood and a lack of positive male role models lead to underachievement of some minority pupils. 3What criticisms have sociologists made of Herrnstein & Murray’s findings. 3 marks They found that minority ethnic...
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