Socio-Economic-Political Foundations of Nursing

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Learning Objectives:
* Describe the origins of socio-economic-political foundations in nursing education as a discipline. * Describe the academic focus on socio-economic-political aspect of nursing education. * Consider the relevance of socio-economic-political foundations on healthcare works.


* Comes from the Latin word ‘socius’ – social or being with others; and Greek ‘logos’ – to study * Science or study of the origin, development, organization, and functioning of humansociety * Study of people living in groups; scientific study of human interaction

* derived from the Latin word “socios” or socialis” – meaning fellow, companion, or associate * a group of individuals with well defined limits which persists in time, thus enabling them to develop a set of common ideas, attitude, norms, and sanctions, interaction, and of techniques for living and fitting together * the tendency or desire of people to be with other people

* process of helping the individual find and adjust his role * an individual learns to appreciate the meaning and values that exist in the culture at large and eventually internalizes such beliefs and values as guides for human conduct * function of society where in patterns of behavior and aspects of personality are inculcated * process of internalizing the norms of standards of the group among a group

* one of the basic building blocks of social interaction * the position assigned by a person in a group or organization

Status Set 
* statuses a person holds at a particular time, (e.g. a teenage girl is a daughter to her parents, a sister to her brother, a friend to others in her social circle, and a pitcher to a softball team)

Types of Statuses 
* Ascribed – acquired or received at birth without effort (e.g. family name, place of birth, sex, race) * Achieved – assumed voluntary and reflects a significant measure of personal ability and choice, realized through hard work, talent, merit, etc. (e.g. president, senator, professor) * Master status – a social position with exceptional importance for identity, often shaping a person’s entire life (e.g. President, Prime minister, consul, general);a person’s occupation functions as a master status

* a second major component of social interaction
* behavior expected of someone who holds a particular status e.g. the student role involves attending classes and completing assignments as well as devoting a substantial amount of time for personal enrichment through academic study.

Role conflict 
* the incompatibility among the roles corresponding to two or more statuses e.g. parenting as well as working outside the home taxes both physical and emotional strength

Role strain 
* incompatibility among the roles, corresponding to a single status(e.g. a plant supervisor may wish to be an approachable friend to other workers but his responsibility requires maintaining some measure of personal distance from each employee)

Role exit 
* the process by which people disengage from important social roles (e.g. ex-priests, ex-nuns, ex-husbands, ex-alcoholics, etc.)

* way individuals have learned to live together; behavior learned as a result of living in groups which tend to be patterned and to be transmitted from generation to generation

* process of learning the culture of one’s own group

* process of learning another culture

Concepts of a Group 
* a unit of interacting personalities with an interdependence of roles and status existing between or among the members * a number of people at a given time, interrelated and interact with one another with common shared attitudes, sentiments, aspirations, and goals

Kinds/Classification of Groups 
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