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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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CXC CSEC Social Studies Exam Guide (effective May/June 2010)Section A: Individual, Family and Society|  | SPECIFIC OBJECTIVESThe students should be able to:| CONTENT| UNIFYING CONCEPTS| 1.| Explain and use correctly concepts and terms associated with the family as listed in content 1,| Explanation of the following concepts and terms associated with the family:               (a) marriage               (b) annulment               (c) legal separation               (d) divorce               (e) alimony               (f) Kinship               (g) sibling               (h) status               (i) extended family               (j) nuclear family               (k) monogamy               (l) bigamy               (m) polyandry               (n) polygyny               (o) inheritance               (p) patriarchal               (q) matriarchal               (r) patrifocal               (s) matrifocal               (t) matrilineal               (u) patrilineal               (v) incest|  | 2.| Describe the major functions of  the family;| The functions of the family  in contemporary Caribbean society:(a) As a unit of procreation(b) As a social unit for rearing          children, namely, the socialization of 

     the individual; (c) As a economic unit for satisfying        basic needs; (d) As a social unit for satisfying         emotional and psychological    
      needs.       |  |
3.| Compare different family types and unions in the Caribbean; | Difference in family types and unions in the Caribbean:Types    - nuclear,                 extended, 
               sibling households, 
               single parent familyUnions -  visiting relationships,                                 common law or consensual,                monogamy, 
               legal marriage. |  |
4.| examine the roles, relationships, and responsibilities of adult and sibling members of a Caribbean family; | Roles, relationships and responsibilities of adult and sibling members of the Caribbean family. |  | 5.| Explain the causes and effects of the changes in the roles of family members in Caribbean Society.| Factors which contribute to the hanging roles and responsibilities of members of the Caribbean family:          (a) Status of women in society;          (b) Choice of employment;          (c)  Available technology;          (d)  Leisure activities;          (e)  Educational opportunities.Results of the changing roles and responsibilities of members of the Caribbean family:         (a) Identity crisis;         (b) Marginalisation of the male;         (c) Role conflict;         (d) Development of self esteem and               confidence of women/                independence of women. |  |

6.| Describe factors which assist in the preparation for parenthood.| Preparation for parenthood - physical, economic, emotional and psychological readiness. |  | 7.| Examine the characteristics of effective parenting| Characteristics of a good parent:(a) problem solving skills;(b) communcation skills;(c) socializing skills;(d) disciplinary skills;(e) knowledge of good nutrition;(f) showing love/warmth;(g)money management skills.|  | 8.| Formulate strategies for dealing with contemporary social issues that influence Caribbean family life. | Contemporary social issues which influence Caribbean family life:(a) child abuse,(b) incest,(c) street children,(d) promiscuity,(e) sexually transmitted diseases,(e) teenage pregnancy,(f) juvenile delinquency,(g) substance abuse,(h) poverty,(i) domestic violence,(j) desertion,(k) alternative life styles,(l) suicide,(m) care and concern for the aged and         those with special needs. |  |

9.| Assess the reasons for laws tp protect the family in social situations as listed in content (9); | Laws related to,(a) inheritance,(b) childcare(c) legal separation(d) divorce.(e) domestic violence.|  | 10.| Account for the cultural divdersity of the Cariibean region;| The cultural...
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