Social Problem of Network Information Security

Topics: Computer, Computer security, Information security Pages: 4 (1380 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Along with computer technology's swift development, the information network already became the social development the important guarantee. The information network involves to the national government, the military, the culture and education and so on many domains, the memory, the transmission and processing many information is the government macroeconomic regulation and control decision-making, the commercial economy information, the bank fund account transfer, the stock negotiable securities, the energy resources data, the scientific research data and so on important information. And has many are the sensitive information, even is the national secret, will therefore attract unavoidably from the world's each kind of artificial attack (e.g. information divulging, information steals, data distortion, data to delete adds, computer virus and so on). Usually is very difficult using the computer-related crime to leave behind the crime evidence, this greatly has also stimulated the computer high-tech criminal case's occurrence. Computer crime rate's rapid increase causes various countries' the computer system is specially the network system is facing the very big threat, and becomes one of serious social questions. The network information security is the important question which a relations national security and the sovereignty, the social stability, the national culture inherits and develops. Its importance, is speeding up along with the global informationization step is getting more and more important. The network information security is one involves the computer science, the networking, the communication, the password technology, the information security technology, the applied mathematics, the theory of numbers, the information theory and so on many kinds of discipline comprehensive disciplines. It is mainly refers to network system's hardware, the software and system's data receives the protection, not is destructed accidental or the malicious reason, the change,...
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