Social Institutions Characteristics of Social Institutions

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  • Published: April 21, 2012
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Social institutions
Characteristics of social institutions

1. They are resistant to change. Patterns of social behavior become institutionalized when they are reinforced by custom and tradition
2. They are interdependent. A societies institutions uphold similar values and norms to reflect compatible goals and priorities
3. They change together. Because institutions are interdependent a change in one will bring change Ina another
4. They are the site of social problems. For example unemployment is a problem of the economy; marital breakdown is a problem of the family; high crime rate is a problem of political and legal organizations

Settlement and demography
-Population size is always connected to the environment

5 social organizations

Band - 25-50+
The basic social group as humans. A basic social unit associated with hunters and gathers era. Most members are related by kinship, or marriage. Or fictis Kin. (cousins, or ppl calling people there child alrigjt not blood related) they are nomadic and a foragers. They are also higoy nomadic. They are essentially small clusters that live with a piece of land and they tend to move around according to where the resources are on the land. They can't remain in one area to long because the deplete the resources in that area. They are very mobile. They are usually found in environments where it is difficult to grow food. They have temporary camps and they move around by necessity. Each group is autonomous. Women have a high social worth. They do the second half of food collection cooking etc. Political power is held by the group. Someone of prestige may be older or a good hunter or story teller, they must have a quality that makes them stand out in the group bc of the special skill or quality they have. The group makes all political decisions not one person. They lack formal laws. They have an understand among all group members that you behave in a particular way so that everyone can...
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