My Ideology

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Ryan Allen
Kwasi Densu
American National Gov.

Essay Assignment: My Ideology

Questions to Consider:
1. Source of Views and Values- reflect on personalities, institutions and philosophies that inform your social, economic and political beliefs. Discuss how you were "socialized" (chapter 4) to accept this view of the world. Remember the concept of politcal socialization. Of the ideologies in Chapter 5 which do you identify with the most? Why? 2. Critique of Existing Order- discuss problems you that you see with contemporary society. Evaluate the contemporary social, politcal, economic problems facing American society in a general sense, the African-American community in particular. In your opinion why do these problems exist. In your opinion what are the top 3 problems you see in contemporary American society. 3. Theories of Social Change- given your analysis how would you resolve the problems you have identified? What resources (human, financial, institutional knowledge) are necessary to resolve them? 4. Vision of the Good Society- what type of society do wish to see? What type of social, politcal and economic institutions are needed to build your view of the "ideal" society? Be specific.

My Ideology

In todays modern society there are many sources of social, economic and political influence. Through my own soul search I have began to realize that while I thought I had a very related mainstream mind, my social influences are very unique and indifferent. Looking at things from all points of view and then making what may seem to be the most rational decision in my eyes is the true essence of developing your political, social and economical beliefs. Your naturally deciding who you are and what you believe in everyday and this is something very new that I have discovered in myself.

I have a very analytical way of looking at life. Growing up I always had a firm belief in the Bible. Even though this belief was something I...
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