Small Sat Practice Essay: Privacy

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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The notion of privacy has evolved over the ages. It is true that people tend to reveal their thoughts and feelings with more ease than in the past centuries. I, however believe that people should keep specific matters private but express others that need to be told. Furthermore, people have to consider the people to whom they talk, depending on their reliability, they will share their feelings or not. First of all, I think that keeping your feelings to yourself is painful. In fact, people that have problems and can't tell it to anyone, end up huting themselves. The reasons for that kind of privacy might not be because they do not want to talk, but because they do not have anybody to talk to. Thus, I believe that people should express feelings such as insecurity, fear, stress... Because those feeling can be a heavy burden for the one who carries it. He However, on the other hand, thoughts that judge or hurt people should be kept to ourselves. In my opinion, when judging someone means that you are superior to others and that you have the power to voice an opinion an that person. However, the chart of UN states "every man is born equal in rights", thus those kind of thoughts should stay private. People might think that they are not being truthful and honest when hiding their true feelings, but stating their subjective and hurtful opinion actually gives them the appearance of an arrogant person. Finally, when expressing your thoughts and opinions, one should consider the person to whom they talk. For example, if a person feeling insecure or stressed, or that has a problem, talks to someone who will reveal their every secrets to the world, it will make that person feel even worse and that might lead to suicidal thoughts. In fact, nowadays, one the reasons people commit suicide is because they have personal problems that they cannot about, or that they have humiliated for. Thus, one should be careful about what they say to whom they say. In conclusion, I believe people...
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