Should Mothers Work Outside Their Home?

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Nowadays, it is very common for mothers to work outside the home. Whether, a woman should stay at home or join the workforce is debated by many people. Some argue that the family especially a small children may be neglected. However, many women need to work because of economic reasons or want to work to maintain a career. I believe that every mother has the right to work and the decision should be one that a woman makes on her own. But first, she should carefully consider the many problems that she might encounter.

In the past, mother’s responsibility is take care their small children. But mothers go to work outside the home. Their children may be neglected, grow up to gangster, away from home and become to problems of society. The best person who should be taken care children is not nanny or teacher at school but they are mothers.

Furthermore, many mothers need to work outside the home because of economic reasons. They want to make money for their family but at the same time they will use money more than ever before. They must buy work suit and wear to work at their office. They must go to the office by their car or public transport, which is the some money they will pay.

To conclude, I think mothers shouldn’t work outside the home because they have children. They should take care their children by themselves. After that, children will grow up to great adult and take care their mothers like when mothers take care them.
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