Service Marketing (Nordic School), Lecture 1

Topics: Marketing, Service system, Service design Pages: 3 (324 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Service Marketing
Lecture 1
Maija Rökman
KATMAA13 is number of Service Marketing (5 ECTS/op)
Visiting Lecture Tue 18th September PhD Nina Mesiranta
Grönroos Christian
Service Management and Marketing, 2nd ed. 2002
Service Management and Marketing, 3rd ed. 2007
Gummesson Evert
Total Relationship Marketing, 2nd ed. 2002

History of Service Marketing
* 4 P’s of Philip Kotler
* Change of paradigm in marketing theory. What is the forthcoming (грядущая) one? * Nordic School
* Christian Grönroos (Finland)
* Evert Gummesson (Sweden)
* Service Dominant Logic
* Stephen L. Vargo and Robert F. Lusch (USA)

Key speakers

Stephen L. Vargo and Robert F. Lusch (USA)
Service Dominant Logic
* Relationships more that we have been thinking
* Fixed economic exchange
* Fundamental unit (основная единица) for transactions (операций) * Repeat patronage
* Core foundation premises NOT customer BUT actor (no more customers – they all are actors) A2A = actor to actor; actors = resource integrators
* Economic – social – public currency
Meaning of transaction, relational layers
* Relationships is all about co-…
Co-operation, collaboration, co-creation
* How would I measure in this model?

Evert Gummesson (Sweden)
Merging relationship marketing with S-D logic and service science. * 1981 the birth of Nordic School
2001 Richard Norrman
2010 Handbook of Service Science
* Get rid of non-viable parts
* Weed out the mythology of IHIP
* Intangibility, Heterogeneity, Inseparability, Perishability * Development of technology
* Relationships marketing is interaction of networks, 30 R’s * Complexity
* A2A grand theory?
* More metrics – yes, but metrics that really imply the reality

Christian Grӧnroos (Finland)
* Measure-effect – behavior; behavior intention
* Grönroos &...
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