Service Marketing

Topics: Research, Sampling, Scientific method Pages: 9 (1927 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Report On

Application and justification of servqual model on “Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation” (BRTC)

Letter of Transmittal

29 August, 2012
Tarafder Md. Mehedi Al_Masud
Course Teacher
School of Business Studies
Southeast University

Dear Sir,
With due respect, we are submitting this report on the basis of service industry “BRTC ”. We took help from our course teacher Tarafder Md. Mehedi Al_Masud from internet and used our creativity. This report is only for academic purpose. This is not at all for regular activities. I therefore, request your favor to accept our report.

Yours Sincerely

Md Harun_Or_Rashed Khan
(On behalf of the group member)

Bangladesh road transport corporation (BRTC) is the biggest public service industry. We just try to present hear current position & what types of quality provide for customers. We try to complete our proposal as a % of service taker from BRTC. Report is a team work which can help us to provide best decision for our group work. Here we have to emphasize or the awareness of the BRTC service. The purpose of this report is to learn about research as well as work with a group of team. This report is fulfilled with different information. We gather the information from different sources. As it suggests the objective of research, data analysis, data collection. In the report of approach to the problem. After that, researcher will make a hypothesis to collect possible answer to the research question. In the case of research, design can be organized in two types such as exploratory research and conclusive research. A researcher basically needs to design this exploratory research to understand the problems towards the BRTC and researcher will design conclusive research to collect large sample to establish clean information about BRTC Overall all credit goes to my group members for their cooperation as well as our teacher Tarafder Md. Mehedi Al_Masud for providing us a structure of BRTC.


At first, we thank to almighty Allah who made us capable to prepare this proposal. Secondly would like to thank my honorable advisor Tarafder Md. Mehedi Al_Masud and course teacher of Southeast University, School of Business for providing proper guidance and help to complete the term paper.  We are also grateful to the BRTC that’s helped me to collect the information. At last we want to thank my group members for their co- operation and making this possible to submit this report on time.


Dedicate to our respected “Parents”
Our honorable course teacher “Tarafder Md. Mehedi Al_Masud”

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