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Topics: Sociology, Authority, Max Weber Pages: 4 (535 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Multiple Choice Quiz

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Chapter 1

Multiple Choice Quiz

Multiple Choice Quiz
This activity contains 10 questions.

Developing countries oppose reductions or limitations on their pollution emissions because: this would undermine their growth and undermine their efforts to improve their standard of living. they do not believe in global warming.

they think the proposals do not go far enough.

they believe that environmental protections only benefit the developed nations of the world. green technology is too expensive.

Mao Zedong, the Communist leader of China, was an example of what kind of power? Charismatic authority Traditional authority Heuristic authority. Illegitimate authority. Legal-rational authority

David Easton defines politics as:

a feature of all organized human activity. the making of governing decisions. the authoritative allocation of values for a society. the ability to achieve an objective by influencing the behaviour of others. the implementation of collective decisions for a political community. 18/10/2012

Multiple Choice Quiz

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Power is defined as:

the ability to dominate or control others. the ability to defend the status quo. the articulation of self-interest. the ability of rich countries to exploit poor countries. the ability to achieve an objective by influencing the behaviour of others.

The "second face" of political power reflects:

the capacity to shape the dominant ideas in a society. who gets elected to the upper chamber of Parliament. the groups or individuals that influence decision making. the capacity to influence which issues make it on to the political agenda. the distribution of seats in provincial legislatures.

The "pluralist perspective" suggests that:

power is held by a wide variety of groups. conservative values dominate politics. power is concentrated in a...
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