Health Care Reform Debate & the Pluralistic Prespective

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Healthcare reform Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Ana Sakalis
SOC 335
Prof. K. Bentele
February 24, 2012

Health Care Reform Debate & The Pluralistic Perspective

In this paper I will explain how the portion of the health care debate I chose would be classified under this pluralist framework of government. First I will explain the definition of the pluralist view of how government is structured. Then I will explain a bit of what portion of the healthcare reform under president Obama’s administration I chose to write about and in conclusion I will make the connection between the healthcare reform and the pluralist theorist framework view of government.

The Pluralist structure illustrates power as the aftermath of the collection of different interest groups haggling for the lead in the political process arena, which would include the policy making process that involves the dispersing of resources in communities. Pluralists theorist envision the state as a system that maintains consistent influence and protects the positions with in and of the political process exclusively as they engage availability to the anatomy of government. The state also protects who is chosen to office, and manages stability throughout communities. For Pluralist theorists power is distributed throughout the population of single voters who they claim have equal access to dominate with in their individual votes. Pluralist make the accusations that no one particular interest group dominates. The argue that these different interest groups are composed of different organizations with a variation of different interest, objectives and leadership and how they believe power is not concentrated. That in essence explains what and how pluralist structure of government thinks and works.

The portion of the healthcare reform I chose to write has to do with the millions of American women and how they will attain insurance coverage of contraception and other preventative-services free of charge. That would entail no co-payments of any...
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