Self Leadership

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There is goodness in all of us and our life is full of doing. We do things in different ways and with help of our 5 different senses of listening, seeing , tasting, smelling and touching. Its with time we learn to perceive these senses according to our environment and get accustomed to it and build ourselves which is uniquely different from any other individual with different characteristics and behaviours The most important thing we forget is to lead our own self in the right way.

I learned the path towards leadership lies with your own efforts. A great leader can help to create a stimulus of learning process and its us only who has to realize and walk that path. To walk that path I have not to be silent and have to ask the right questions with the learning and keep myself involved in the process. The path might not be easy, it might be sometimes difficult to confront our own self but to keep that fire alive and to work for the cause should be our aim which will help us through.

Leadership is not about leading others it’s rather leading yourself. First we have to learn to lead ourselves, our mind, our body, our ego and our emotions . Its about the creativity which we have not discovered yet and learn again to unwind ourselves and explore the beauty of the world. There is saying that mind is like a monkey the way that we lead the monkey makes we what we are.

To learn the art of self leadership first its most important to learn breathe control and listen to your instincts. It’s really important to learn to listen to others and the art of observations. Its also important to take wise decisions and make the right choice which comes with setting the right framework.

There are 6 zones of realization where one learn the self leadership which has a particular symbolic representation as adapted by Indian wisdom traditions. These are

1. Food Sheath – Annamaya Kosh
2. Vital Air Sheath – Pranamaya Kosh
3. Mind Sheath – Manomaya Kosh...
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