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BSC 1005
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1. The scientific method allows for an organized and systematic approach to problem solving. It represents the “backbone” of scientific research, as well as a useful method in everyday decision making. The steps involved in the scientific method would include, but not be limited to, the following: 1. Statement of problem

2. Information gathering on research
3. Formulation of hypothesis/possible solution of problem 4. Experimental design and data collection
5. Results and analysis of data
6. Conclusions and applications

2. Mealworm are actually beetle insect lava that metamorphosize to adult beetles in about 6 weeks. Problem statement:
1. Can we design an activity to illustrate the scientific method, the importance of collecting and graphing data, and coming to conclusions? Hypothesis:
1. It is believed an experiment to illustrate the steps of scientific methodology can be designed to include observations, problem statement questions, hypothesis which are testable and falsifiable, proper experiment design, data and graphing, and conclusions based on data.

* Mealworm
* White paper
* Metric Rulers
* Pencil
* String
* Graph paper
* Stop watch
1. Observe the length of a millimeter on a Metric ruler
2. Be completely silent for one minute to perceive the passage of time 3. Observe the movement of a mealworm (beetle larva).
4. Predict the number of millimeters the mealworm will crawl in one minute. 5. Place the mealworm on the white paper.
6. Using the pencil, trace the movement of the mealworm on the paper for one minute. 7. Return the mealworm to the container provided by your instructor. 8. Use the string to duplicate the path of the mealworm.

9. Straighten the string, place on the ruler, and record the number of millimeters. 10. Now, place the mealworm back in the cup, warm gently in your hand for about a minute. 11. Repeat the experiment, but with the warmed, mealworm. Data:

Each laboratory group will record their Data, to the nearest cm…, on the following table:

Room Temperature
Worm Number| Predicted # of mm.(Hypothesis)| Actual # of mm.| Difference| 1| 60mm| 15mm| -45mm|
2| 3mm| 0| -3mm|
3| 15mm| 15mm| 0|
4| 25mm| 26mm| -1mm|
5| 40mm| 38mm| -2mm|
6| 10mm| 35mm| +25mm|
7| 12mm| 3mm| -9mm|
8| 2mm| 3mm| 8mm|
9| 5mm| 4mm| +1mm|
*10| 10mm| 20mm| +10mm|
*Group 10 was my group

Worm Number| Predicted # of mm.(Hypothesis)| Actual # of mm.| Difference| 1| 60mm| 20mm| -40mm|
2| 3mm| 0| -3mm|
3| 15mm| 5mm| -10mm|
4| 25mm| 40mm| +15mm|
5| 40mm| 61mm| +21mm|
6| 10mm| 23mm| +13mm|
7| 12mm| 17mm| +5mm|
8| 2mm| 8mm| +6mm|
9| 5mm| 10mm| +5mm|
*10| 10mm| 140mm| +130mm|
*Group 10 was my group

1. How close were your predictions to actual number of millimeter crawled? * I was in group 10 and our prediction was only off by +10mm on the first iteration where the meal worm was at room temperature. When the meal work was warmed it jumped to +130mm. I did not expect such a high jump in movement.

2. How did your results compare with the rest of the class? * Most of the class had a negative difference as to where our group had a positive difference in movement.

3. What might you do to minimize your difference column? * I would aim for a slightly higher prediction on the worm’s movement at regular room temperature. I would aim for a much higher number of predicted movements while it was warmed.

4. What was the control part of this experiment?
* The meal worms

5. What did you vary the 2nd time you took data?
* The temperature of the worms...
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