Statistical Reasoning in Psychology

Topics: Hypothesis, Scientific method, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: July 11, 2011
Addictions occur as a mean of escape from the problems or situations that may be bothering an individual. It may start off as just something new or something to do. It becomes a problem or an addiction when it becomes a habit. Addiction becomes a problem for an individual to function in their everyday life without drugs or alcohol. Due to the recession addiction is on the rise. There are more individuals seeking an escape or relief from everyday life. It may start as an escape, but as finances begin to diminish and stress increases, it becomes an addiction. Team B has applied the steps of the scientific method and hypothesis testing to determine the effects of the recession on addiction. The scientific method is a way for scientists and researchers to pursue and acquire knowledge. According to Wilson (1952) there are four steps in the scientific method: 1. Observe and describe the problem

2. Form a hypothesis to explain the problem
3. Use the hypothesis to determine if there are other problems that exist 4. Test the hypothesis
The fourth step of the scientific method is where the experiments and tests take place. This is where the researcher and scientists must decide whether to reject or accept the hypothesis. This conclusion is based off of the outcome of numerous statistics, tests, and experiments. Everywhere you look the effects of the recession can be seen. This can be seen across the board from the neighbor next door to businesses. More and more families are doing cut backs. They are deciding to stay in; instead of going out and spending money. This in turn causes businesses to reevaluate their budget. They are having to lay off and in some extreme circumstances they end up filing bankruptcy and closing. There are more and more people without jobs, and more businesses that are closing or filing bankruptcy because they cannot afford to stay open. Team B hypothesis is that the recession affects addiction. Addiction is...
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