Sba Sample on Bullying

Topics: Victim, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 5 (1341 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Statement Of Problem

Topic: Bullying
Focus Question: What effect does Bullying have on its victims and how are their emotional selves impacted? Guiding Questions:
What are the signs of a person being bullied? At what age does the effect of bullying impact an individual the most? What causes someone to be bullied?

Reason For Selecting Area of Research

I chose the topic of bullying because I believe that it is a problem that is making a great impact on society in these recent times. There are many people who are being bullied and sooner or later this will have or play a great significance in the life of the individual. I want to find out how bullying can affect someone, physically, emotionally and psychologically and what effects this has on the individual's personality.

Method Of Investigation

The method of investigation used in order to carry out this project is a questionnaire. The reason for this method is because questionnaires are practical and you are able to collect large amounts of information from a large number of people in a short period of time and in a cost effective manner. Questionnaires can also be carried out by a researcher or any other person with limited affect to its validity and reliability. The results can be analyzed more scientifically and objectively than any other forms of research,and can be used to compare and contrast other research or measure change. The questionnaire used to carry out this research consists of four biographical questions such as gender, age, religion and family type. The questionnaire comprises of two yes or no questions in which the candidate is asked whether he is bullied or knows someone who is bullied. The remaining questions are closing statement questions in which four or more available options are presented. The questionnaire is strictly confidential and the identity of the participant is never requested. Data Collection Instrument

Sample of Questionnaire
Procedure for Data Collection

The method use to carry out distribution of the questionnaire is by Simple Random Sampling. The questionnaire was given to two classes of each form, each class received five samples of the questionnaire and it was given to any student. No preference was given to manipulate results. The Corozal Community College is a coed institution that offers excellent education but like any institution it cannot account for all the different things taking place within the student body. The high school consists of four levels of education or forms. Each form consists of at least 8 different classrooms of about an average of 30 students each. The way the individual classrooms were selected were by drawing two class names from a bag of the different class names of each form. The questionnaires were then taken to the classroom and given to any 5 students willing to volunteer to answer it. Distribution of the questionnaire and obtaining results took place in one day during homeroom time of the respective classes. Presentation of Data

Graph #1Graph Based on Question 2

Graph #2
Graph Based on Question 5 and 7

Graph #3
Graph Based on Question 8

Graph #4
Graph Based on Question 12 and 13

Analysis and Interpretation of Data
Analysis of graph #1
Victims of bullying are generally unhappy with low self-esteem, avoiding places such as school due to the social interactions taking place there. As seen also the age in which children are more susceptible to bullying are in their early and mid teens. This can affect the victim the most because in these times a child is still in search on his identity and any alterations with his/her environment can have a drastic impact. Analysis of graph #2

Bullying occurs at all levels of education. As presented by the graph the highest number of students at each form is corresponding to those who know someone bullied. This in turn creates a negative connotation towards an...
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