Rubric for Cultural Paper

Topics: Culture, Answer, Gender role Pages: 2 (287 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Essential Question 1 How does culture/society influence who we are? | Does not answer the question1points| Answers the question but does not provide examples, 2points| thoughtful answer that describes with examples how culture defines who we are3points|

Essential question 2How might we be different if we grew up in another country or culture?
| Does not answer the question1points| Answers the question but does not provide examples2points| Thoughtfully answers question how we might be different if we grew up in a foreign culture and provides examples3points|

Essential Question 3How do different cultures compare with ideals of youth, love and marriage, parenting, child-raising, gender roles, education, etc.?
| Compares and contrasts 2 cultures on only 1-2 areas. Examples may be absent1points| Compares and contrasts 2 cultures in 2-3 areas. Not all examples are provided.2points| Compares and contrasts 2 cultures in 3 areas with examples3points|

Essential Question 4What doe all cultures share in common and why do you think that it?
| Does not reflect or provide examples1points| Reflects on commonalities, but does not provide specific examples2points| Reflects on commonalities between the 2 cultures. Provides at least one example3points|

Essential Question 5Are there “universal” themes concerning humanity across the globe> | Does not reflect on "universal themes"1points| Reflects on "universal themes" but cannot support with examples.2points| Reflects on "universal themes" concerning humanity. What do we all share in common with examples3points|

Format| 1-2 pages, no citations. 1points| 1-2 pages, typed, citations provided but may be incorrect2points| 2-3 pages, typed, double spaced. Citations provided3points|

Directions: grade YOUR culture paper with the rubric below. Highlight the score you would give yourself on how well you did on each of the essential questions and the format.
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