Romanticism vs. Victorianism

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New York dialect is a dialect of the English Language that is spoken by many people in New York City and much of its surrounding metropolitan area. (including the 5 boroughs, Long Island, Westchester County, the lower Hudson Valley & surrounding parts of Connecticut & New Jersey). Also It is one of the most recognizable dialects within American English . The variation within the same accent

The variations of the New York accent are a result of the layering of ethnic speech from the waves of immigrants that settled in the city, from the earliest settlement by the Dutch and English, followed in the 1800s by the Irish and Midwesterners (typically of French, German, Irish, Scandinavian, and English descent). Over time these collective influences combined to give New York its distinctive accent. And just Individuals with a trained ear can differentiate between the accents of each of the boroughs (or the surrounding areas) . Therefore , there are three major New York accents: Italian, Irish, and Jewish. Blacks speak differently that would not be considered a New York accent .  

The New York Accent is more prominent in older people and is being lost in younger people as they imitate fake upper class whites from the Midwest that they see on TV . **Yoker
Notable differences between Standard American English & New York dialect include * Dropping the "R" sounds after the vowel sound
In a New York accent, the "r" is almost never pronounced , ex. : Morning … mawning
Cheerful… cheerful
Bird …. bid
Rarely … raely
* Dropping "G" endings
The "g" at the end of a word isn't pronounced either, So :
Going is pronounced goin
Happening … happenin
Dancing …. dancin
Running …. Runin
Calling …. callin
* Substituting D & T for ( TH )
They pronounce d or t instead of th , such as :
those … doze
three … tree
the …. De
* Dropping final consonants
want … wan
Hand …. han
Test … tes
Wasp … was...
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