Richard Avedon

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Andu Nguyen

Richard Avedon

Images are known to replace words. They are what we use to define beauty. We use photographs to document the changing eras of fashion. Fashion has a short life. Once it is expired there isn’t an afterlife for fashion. It doesn’t just mature or evolve into something else. Richard Avedon was a titan in the photo art world.

Richard Avedon challenged himself as he went from a commercial photographer to an art photographer. Avedon dominated one and the bounced back to challenge the other. He changed the rules of both sides. His images are iconic and everywhere. It is deeply rooted in our art society today. Avedon’s images will probably be shown for hundreds of years. We will study them for years to come. He ravagely and fiercely changed the art world. He changed the way we think of celebrities. He also followed and small or big political concerns and rights movements.

Richard Avedon once pursued any problems that had as a society. He was in France, Italy, the Vietnam war, and local rights movement. During that time, there were big time photojournalistic photographers like Helen Levit, Leset Mordel, and others that he seemed to follow. He was the Mathew Brady of our time. Avedon wasn’t that interested really in the photos that he was getting. It didn’t move him quite as much as you would think like Helen Levit and Leset Mordel. He discovered that he didn’t want to be a spectator and captured images. He wanted to control the feelings and moods of what he was capturing. He wanted to become a creator.

Richard Avedon changed the whole mood of fashion photography. Paris us where it seemed to begin for Avedon. He worked around the clock during post war Paris. Paris offered something that no other place seemed to offer. The streets were filled with people that were careless, worry free, and free sexuality seemed to be what people celebrated. The streets seemed to jump off the photos...
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