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Chapter 1
Introduction to Research

Business Research


Learning Outcomes
After studying Chapter ❶, you will be able to:
• Describe what research is and how it is defined.
• Distinguish between applied and basic research,
giving examples, and discussing why they fall into
one or the other of the two categories.
• Explain why managers should and should not do in
order to interact most effectively with researchers

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Definition of Business Research
 Business research: an organized, systematic,
data-based, critical, objective, scientific
inquiry or investigation into a specific
problem, undertaken with the purpose of
finding answers or solutions to it.

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What you want to research?
Why you research it?
Who do you research?
Where do you research?
How you research it?


Applied versus Basic Research
 Basic research: generates a body of
knowledge by trying to comprehend how
certain problems that occur in organizations
can be solved.
 Applied research: solves a current problem
faced by the manager in the work setting,
demanding a timely solution.

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Examples Applied Research
Apple’s iPod fueled the company’s success in
recent years, helping to increase sales from $5
billion in 2001 to $32 billion in the fiscal year 2008.
Growth for the music player averaged more than
200% in 2006 and 2007, before falling to 6% in
2008. Some analysts believe that the number of
iPods sold will drop 12% in 2009. “The reality is
there’s a limited group of people who want an iPod
or any other portable media player,” one analyst
says. “So the question becomes, what will Apple do
about it?”
 The existing machinery in the production
department has had so many breakdowns that
production has suffered. Machinery has to be
replaced. Because of heavy investment costs, a
careful recommendation as to whether it is more
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More Examples of Research Areas in

Consumer decision making
Customer satisfaction
Budget allocations
Accounting procedures

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Scenario 1
Effects of Service Recovery on Customer Satisfaction
A research scientist wants to investigate the question:
What is the most effective way for an organization to
recover from a service failure? Her objective is to provide
guidelines for establishing the proper "fit" between
service failure and service recovery that will generalize
across a variety of service industries.

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Scenario 1 (Answer)
This will be a case of basic research, the purpose of which
was to study the efficacy of different service recovery
strategies and add to the body of existing marketing

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Scenario 2
Reasons for Absenteeism
A university professor wanted to analyze in depth the
reasons for absenteeism of employees in organizations.
Fortunately, a company within 20 miles of the campus
employed her as a consultant to study that very issue.

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Scenario 2 (Answer)
The basic research aspiration of the professor has taken
the form of applied research in this particular system,
where they would apply the findings of her research to
solve the problem. No doubt, the professor would
continue her research in a variety of organizations to add
to the existing base of...
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