Topics: Occupational safety and health, Accident, University Pages: 4 (1383 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Deans of Faculties and Directors of Service Groups
To make sure effective implementation of university’s health and safety policy and codes of safe working practices, Deans and Directors are responsible to the Vice Chancellor for managing the health and safety department. In order to achieve this they will have to ensure effective monitoring of health and safety issues to upraise the health and safety environment which is an important part of the school, faculty, and service activities. Risk assessment people should be hired to make sure that proper training is provided. Also to make sure that annual health and safety return is timely submitted to health and safety committee and to make sure that they thoroughly implement the health and safety policies within the area of their control. They will have to take care that basic training is provided to drivers who are carrying passengers in passenger carrying vehicles (except cars). To take timely actions on complaints from different areas like Faculty, Trade Union safety representatives, school, health and safety environmental services and advisors. To make sure that annual inspection of workplace is carried out in a planned and systematic manner but biannual inspection can be conducted to deal with high risk activities. To take timely advice from health and safety department on issues related to health and safety. Also to make sure that all safety policies and codes along with safety work procedures are in place as required. Health and safety advisors should be provided with enough time to carry out their duties like internal audits of university. Ensure that annual health and safety action plans have been prepared and submitted to the Health & Safety Committee upon request. To make sure accidents are taken into notice and accident investigation reports are submitted. In this regard sufficient training should be ensured to overcome these accidents. Proper risk...
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