Remember the Titans Notes

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 4 (885 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Hippies don't fit in
Conflict in Teaching Styles
Homosexual overtones
Gender Conflict
Intergration of schools was very hard on Blacks
Black girl advocates Typical female roles
Inner conflict rages within Boone
Power Struggles
Conflict in terms of friendship
Team is gradually resolving community problems
Paralysis has been taken away from him- Gerry physical
Lastik goes to college
Coaches have overcome their differences
Quote- IN Virginia, High school football is the way of life . It is bigger than Christmas Day. •Beginning is 1981, Film is 1971
Black people are blending into each other. Unified front. Seeing the Results before we see the fight. •Music change highlights flashback.
First Encounter with Yoast. Looks like a very likeable character. •Black kid got shot by white man.
"I don’t want to play with any of those Black animals". •Significance of Game ball.
Forced Integration
Shot is framed around the window.
Automatic assumption that Blacks are movers.
"It only takes one before we before we become overrun by them" •"Every head coach in the system is white. We had to give them somethin!" •"It is the world we live in. God help us all!"
Boone impression is also positive
"Black folks have never had anything in this city to call their own except humiliation and despair." •"Boone" is shouted for importance- Repetition
"Whites can no longer ignore the Blacks- Shutter opening- symbolism. •High angle shots
Lots of people have come
Over the shoulder shot shows the scope of the crowd.
I'm no Jesus Christ, I'm not a saviour-football is a religion Repetition
The best player will play
Colour won't matter.
Can't reconcile himself(Yoast) to work under an African American man. Stand off close up.
Dramatic actions, such as standing.
Dialect is different, idiosyncratic languages.
This is no democracy, It is a...
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