Religion Morals Essay

Topics: English-language films, Life, Trust Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Ben Dover and Eileen Dover had a baby boy named Jack Dover. Shortly after, they divorced. Ben lived with his mother, who tried to give him as much attention as possible, but failed with out a father figure. As a, result Jack grew up not trusting anyone.

Jack flew in to his second year of life. Potty training went well and he started walking everywhere. At five, he was meeting his peers and going to parks and other places, but still needed help socializing. When he would go to school, he would be apprehensive about leaving his mother and would grow anxious if his routine was broken. This problem no longer existed at the age of seven and by 9 he looked forward to seeing his friends every day.

At 16, he was jumping from one relationship to another unable to trust his girlfriend enough to stay with them and really connect. At 17 a lot of his friends were inviting him to parties but he would always decline because he disliked large groups and often grew socially awkward when talking to people he didn't know well. At 23 he met a girl named Ashley who he grew more and more attached. When her work promoted hear and she hade to move to California, he decided to move with her. He really liked her and as a result she taught him how to trust. They got married 6 years later.

A few years went buy and Jack had a high up job at a big name production company as a financial adviser. He and Ashley decide to have a baby named Matt. Jack and Ashly were super busy with their jobs, but always found plenty of time for Matt. When Jack was 50, Matt was 19 and began college and moved out. Both Jack and Ashley found it hard to see him go. Jack turned 85 and was proud of his accomplishments and began getting ready for death. He was satisfied with his life and was coming to terms with the next stage of his life. Jack passed away at the age of 98. Ashley passed away a year earlier from a heart attack. Matt is the lead engineer for a microchip manufacturing company in...
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