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(a) Updation of COPIS SW (Computerisation of Proflal Information System)

COPIS, popularly symbolizes to Provident Fund for Landless Agricultural Laboures introduced in the year 1998 and designed to cater to the long-felt need for availability of Provident Fund for Landless Agricultural Labourers, is presently in operation in about 305 development blocks across the State of West Bengal and there is increasing need for inclusion of the remainder blocks as well.

The PROFLAL scheme which is running for the last few years at various blocks in Bengal along with Bankura, few modifications have been made in order to make client applications more flexible and to make it easily made accessible for web based system the census block, census gram panchayats corresponding to each block of west Bengal are being included. Previously the block authorities were allowed to enter the block names on their own. The basic feature of the modified client based application is:

The district name as entered in the system is to be matched with the district name available from census data, the block name already available in the system which should be matched with the corresponding block name of census data.

After then the gram Panchayat names along with the existing GP code under each Block are to be matched with updated GP code and name from Census data so as to update the block level data.

After proper selection of District, Block, GP the system updates the database with the updated district name, block name, Gp names along with their codes and in no way system will allow to change the district, block, GP name for a subscriber.

The WB Govt. in an notification in September’, 2011 increased the Maturity year from age of 50 years to 60 years for those whose date of maturity is after 23/10/2010. The necessary updating has been done so that the age of maturity can be made easily to 60 years.

For administrative convenience three new reports are generated so as to help the BDOs to always get a view of Beneficiary details, Subscription details and Maturity details of subscribers.

With the request of the P & RD department, Govt. of WB necessary facility are being made so that the non-proflal beneficiaries belonging to BPL class but eligible for AABY scheme (Aam Aadmi Bima Yojona) of Govt. of India can be easily incorporated with this sw. In fact all the subscribers belonging to the Proflal category are automatically fitted for AABY scheme. With the entry of Non-proflal subscriber but eligible for AABY from the blocks, the block authorities are now able to send the database for AABY subscribers to the LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) of India for view the names and for necessary payment of insurance amount.


(b) Updation of Post Matric Scholarship Monitoring System (PMSMS)

The PMSMS system is successfully running for more than 7 years in Bankura and in most of the districts of West Bengal. With the request of the district administration a few extra reports are generated in accordance with the demand of the Bank authority as well as for Govt. of India reports. The basic features of the new reports are:

Previously the Award list for students were generated through hard copy only. This was generated session-wise, caste-wise, bill no. wise and correspondingly bank-branch wise the scholarships of the students are being submitted to the bank at the individual accounts of the students. Now with the request from various bank authorities the 2nd provision is also being made so as to prepare a text reports for the bank authority. After submission of this text file via CD media or pen drive from the BCWD (Backward Caste Welfare Department) officials to the banks the bank authorities are able to easily transfer the necessary amount at the respective accounts of the students concerned.

With the demand of the Govt. of India, a new report is also developed known as “Payment Detail Report’. By this report...
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