Theoritical Framework

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Theoretical Framework Of The Study
This section, deals with the different variables: independent variable (input), dependent variable (output) and intervening variable (process) of the proposed study and to show their relationship with one another. It includes paradigm or the model representing the framework of the study theoretically. The paradigm would show the difference between the existing and the proposed system Input-Process-Output diagram.

Existing System

Proposed System

Figure 1.0
The Theoretical Framework Of The Study

Presented on the table above that the independent variable of the two systems are the resident profile and the constituents in applying their clearances. Then information about the crime report gathering. This part refers to the basis need to identify the needs of the constituents and to enable to predict the needed actions on the said barangay. Then intervening the variable on the existing system is simply the manual filing and creating clearance and resident profiling under on the said barangay. Then the proposed system is the propose system which is automated version of the said barangay. Then the dependent variable of the two systems hence first on the existing system which is the constituent profile on a manual compilation while the proposed is a digital compilation of the residents profile. To generate reports regarding on what are the needs of the constituents in terms of security needs.

Conceptual Framework of the Study
The proponents show their idea of how the proposed system work; the representation is for better understanding of the framework of the system. The conceptual framework briefly discuss the figure presented below, on how the proposed system would depend what the proponents have in mind, with an appropriate process that will fit with the work flow of Barangay Talipapa.

The Conceptual Framework of the Study

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