Quiz 9

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Question 1
____ refers to preventing data delays or denials.
Correct Answer: Necessity

Question 2
____ is the protection of individual rights to nondisclosure. Correct Answer: Privacy

Question 3
A(n) ____ is an object that contains programs and properties that Web designers place on Web pages to perform particular tasks. Correct Answer: ActiveX control

Question 4
____ refers to protecting against unauthorized data disclosure and ensuring the authenticity of the data source. Correct Answer: Secrecy

Question 5
A(n) ____ is a small application program.
Correct Answer: applet

Question 6
The protection of assets using nonphysical means is called ____ security. Correct Answer: logical

Question 7
____ is the protection of computer assets from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction. Correct Answer: Computer security

Question 8
Originally, the term ____ was used to describe a dedicated programmer who enjoyed writing complex code that tested the limits of technology. Correct Answer: hacker

Question 9
Java is a programming language developed by ____.
Correct Answer: Sun Microsystems

Question 10
____ is an area of memory set aside to hold data read from a file or database. Correct Answer: A buffer

Question 11
The free payment clearing service that PayPal provides to individuals is called a ____ payment system. Correct Answer: peer-to-peer

Question 12
A ____ is a stored-value card that is a plastic card with an embedded microchip that can store information. Correct Answer: smart card

Question 13
Some companies have begun to offer small payment and micropayment services through ____ telephone carriers. Correct Answer: mobile

Question 14
Most current scrip offerings, such as eScrip, focus on the ____ market. Correct Answer: not-for-profit fundraising

Question 15
A ____, offered by companies such as American Express, carries no...
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