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Proposal For Speech on the Effects OF Holly Wood Movies On The Youths. I am going to give a speech on the Effects of Holly Wood Movies on the Youths. My purpose of this speech is to alert youths around the world to know the negativity of watching Holly Wood movies. My age bracket I call the youth in this presentation is from the age of 15 to the age of 25, 26 years old youths These are some of the negativity of watching Holly Wood Movies-

* Violence
This is one of the really important negativity of Holly Wood movies, Violence scenes are shown in Holly Wood movies, teaching the general public of violence and the youths are mostly the affected ones in this case, since they are still growing up, they can be easily influenced by these movies example of movies with violent contents are a. Scarface, Terminator series, etc Most of these movies contain scenes of killing, gangster way of living, using weapons, guns, knives, usually when young adults, youths see these movies they will follow and imitate their behavior, because they just think its cool.

* Eroticism
Most Holly Wood movies have Erotic scenes, such as bareness and sex, many problems such as porno, coprology, canal’s and One-night love has emerged and became prevalent. Everybody knows that it is a moral backwardness of the society. It also leads to the growth of divorce rate. This makes the smallest cell of the society family insecure, displaced and transitory. This affects the youth they watch these erotic scenes and they see sexual scenes and as youths they want to try new things so they watch this movies and try to do or act what they see on the movies. This can lead to bad morals, and can lead to unwanted pregnancies, abortion etc.

* Unrealistic contents
Holly wood movies contain unrealistic contents, Hollywood is never going to show the public a real life situation from scene...
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