Psychology 100 Course Chapter 1

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Instructions on Completing Your Investigation Application in e-QIP

Table of Contents:
Introduction Logging into e-QIP Navigating through e-QIP How to Avoid Common Errors Submitting Attachments/Releasing Forms for Review Actions to take after Submission of e-QIP

This document contains detailed instructions to assist you in completing your investigation application using a program called e-QIP. Please follow these instructions and those on the e-QIP site carefully. Please do not attempt to complete your forms without carefully reading the instructions. Your forms may be completed online from any trusted computer with internet access including your home system. If at any point you require assistance, please call the PSI-CoE Call Center at 410-278-4194 or DSN 298-4194. Once you complete and release your forms to the PSI-CoE for review, you should expect to receive email notices from the PSI-CoE’s office account If any errors are detected you will be notified via email that your forms have been returned to you for correction. Please take the time to ensure your forms and releases are completed in accordance with these instructions. If you do not complete your forms correctly the first time you will have to re-answer a series of questions, correct any errors and resubmit new signature release forms.

Logging into e-QIP
1. Click on the following link: or open your internet browser and type in the following URL: 2. Once the e-QIP Gateway Page appears, scroll down and click the button labeled Enter e-QIP Applicant Site.

3. A “browser checker” utility will automatically run and test your computer for e-QIP compatibility


4. Click the Continue button to proceed to the application. *If you receive the error message “Page Cannot Be Displayed”, please click on the following link for instructions on how to change your internet settings:

5. Enter your Social Security Number and click SUBMIT.

6. Answer the three (3) default Golden Questions. For Question 2, enter the city where you were born exactly as it appears in the email sent to you with this attachment, then select Submit.

7. Choosing Your Golden Questions/Answers Once the three default questions are answered, you will be asked to create three new golden questions and answers that you will use to access your forms when you log into the e-QIP system in the future. Golden Questions enable e-QIP to verify your identity. Create a combination of Golden Questions to which only you know the correct answers. It is your responsibility to provide and remember Golden Questions unique to you because it may be five to ten years before you return to the e-QIP system. Please contact the PSI-CoE Call Center at 410-278-4194 or DSN 298-4194 if you need or require assistance logging into e-QIP.

8. Select Enter Your Data

Navigating through e-QIP
This is the Welcome screen; read the instructions on the Welcome page carefully.

Once you have read the instructions on the Welcome screen; select the Continue key.

You can use the pull down menu pictured below to move between sections of the form at any time. Select the section you want and then Go.

You will need to select the Save button at the bottom of each section.

The Reset this Screen button deletes and clears all information from the section. The Edit button allows you to change information in an entry. The Delete button allows you to delete the information in an entry. The Add an Entry button allows you to add an additional entry; for example, it would allow you to add another address if you lived at more than one residence during the period of time that must be covered.

The system will automatically detect some errors once you save your entry. If you have an error you may see a Validation Results screen similar to this one.

The Error Message will be displayed describing the error...
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