Psyc 1100 Quiz 2 Study Guide

Topics: Scientific method, Regression analysis, Causality Pages: 3 (510 words) Published: May 3, 2013
* Descriptive Statistics
* What they are (Some examples)
* Frequency Distributions
* Central Tendency
* Mean: Average
* Median: Middle Number
* Mode: Number that most comes up (rarely used in behavior statistics) * Graphs
* Pie Charts
* Bar Graphs, etc.
* What they’re used for
* Descriptive statistics aim to summarize a sample, rather than use the data to learn about the population that the sample of data is thought to represent.  * What they tell you about your data

* Help you catch any errors or potential problems.
* Help you understand and visualize your data.
* Help you “clean” your data.
* What they don’t tell you about your data.
* Cannot infer anything from descriptive statistics; they only describe the data * Cannot be generalized to any larger group
* Inferential Statistics
* What they are (one example)
* Linear regression analyses
* Logistics regression analyses
* What they’re used for
* What they can tell you that descriptives can’t
* Allow you to compare means definitively.
* Allow you to make inferences, draw conclusions.
* Allow you to make causal statements. “The drug caused memory problems”. * What is the t-test used to compare?
* Incent by William Sealy Gosset, 1908
* It is used to determine whether two means are from the same population or two different populations.  
* How do you interpret the p value?
* 5% risk is acceptable
* If p < 0.05, your results are significant.
* If p > 0.05, your results are not significant.
* Experimental Design
* Terminology (IV, DV, Confound, Control, etc.)
* Hypothesis: a testable prediction or statement about how variables are related * Dependent variable: the variable that...
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