Psy 340 Week One Worksheet

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Biological Psychology Worksheet

Answer the following questions in short-essay format. Be prepared to discuss your answers.

1. What is biological psychology?
Biopsychology is the study of the biology of behavior. To make this more simply understood it is the psychology between the body and the brain. A good example of this is how the nervous system affects the way our body controls or reacts to certain things.

2. What is the historical development of biological psychology? The study of the biology of behavior has a long history, but biopsychology did not develop into a major neuroscientific discipline until the 20th century. Although it is not possible to specify the exact date of biopsychology’s birth, the publication of The Organization of Behavior in 1949 by D. O. Hebb played a key role in its emergence (Pinel, 2009).

3. Name one to three important theorists associated with biological psychology. Rene Descartes was a brilliant thinker, philosopher, scientist, physiologist, and early psychologist whose theory of mind-body connection has become an integral part of modern medicine (Goodwin, 2008). His dualist view, asserted the mind was ethereal and autonomous in relation to the physical and strictly material body, and to account for their interaction, he proposed the pineal gland was where the intersection of the two transpired (Goodwin, 2008). He theorized the mechanistic, reflexive nature of certain human behaviors, although his one caveat was that reasoning and thoughts were unique properties of the human soul (Wickens, 2005). Descartes's work laid some of the fundamental parameters for modern thought in psychology, encouraged further research on the localization of brain function, and promoted further experimental research of the nervous system (Goodwin, 2008).

4. Describe the relationship between biological psychology and other fields in psychology and...
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