Proposing for Malaysia Art Festival

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Brings Art Gallery Sdn Bhd
Tropicana City Office Tower
No. 3 Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-04738495 Fax: 03-04738455

7 November 2012
Miss Liana Shanzi
Head of Department
Kementerian Kebudayaan Kesenian Dan Warisan Malaysia
Aras 16,17,18,19,26,27,29,30,34,35,36&39, Menara TH Perdana,Jln Sultan Ismail,50694 Kuala Lumpur.

Dear MS Liana


Content Summary
In this proposal, Brings Art Gallery is proposing enormous Malaysian Art Festival 2013 which all the Malaysian will be celebrating as a celebration. Next, we combine the concept of “When West meets East” and also “Modern & Traditional” to organized this festival. In here, we will bring out various types of performance which relates to art and also bringing in the current trend of Art to Malaysia. For example, 3D Street Painting, 6D cinema, Broadway show and more. Through this festival, we Malaysian will have different perspectives and beyond the boundaries of religions on evaluating “Artistic”.

We are pleased to submit our proposal to Kementerian Kebudayaan Kesenian dan Warisan Malaysia. We are the Bring Arts Gallery, and we started to operate in the year 1992, so we have over 20 years of experience in conducting arts activities. Our founder is Dato Lee Ming Xiang and our present chairperson of Bring Arts Gallery is Mister Lee Xing Kee. Bring Arts Gallery is mainly involve in arts activities in Asia but we are also assist in worldwide artistic functions. We are specializing in holding art-related activities and also spreading arts information and message to the audiences. Background, Problem, Purpose

The activities Brings Art Gallery has conducted before are craft activities in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and China, art gallery in Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea. We have been to some of the schools in Malaysia to show the artistic works produced by popular artists from overseas such as Paris, British and many others. There are also local television companies we have symbiosis with, such as RTM 1, RTM 2, TV3, 8 TV. Besides television companies, we also symbiosis with various newspapers such as The Star, The Sun, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, Utusan Melayu, China Press, Guang Ming and Makkal Osai. 

In the previous activities conducted, such as art activities held in school previously, we found out that our Malaysians are lack of artistic sense and knowledge. Other than that, from the previous experience in holding art activities in Malaysia, we have also found out that, not only the young generations, but the adults are also incertitude of the international artistic sense. Furthermore, some of them are also close-minded to accept the foreign arts. Though sometimes some free entrance for Art events for the public to visit, unfortunately, it did not have much support from the public. Moreover, from the polls that have been conducted on social networking sites, result shows that most of the respondents are not interested in artistic in Malaysia. To solve this problem, we are aim to upgrade artistic sense of the Malaysians. Next, is to educate future generation about international value artistic sense in various ways. No matter traditional or modern artwork. We are also target to carry forward Malaysians’ culture, art and many others to the international stage in order to let the foreigners to know more about particular arts in Malaysian, such as Baba and Nyoya. It will definitely raise the economy of Malaysia because foreigners that interested in artistic will visit Malaysia. Most importantly, through Malaysia Art Festival, we are bringing in worldwide performances like New York Broadway, International Orchestra, Soprano and tenor performances and more to expand Malaysians on their general...
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