Fugitive Slave Act

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Valentin Ania-bell

JULY 9, 2013
The Twin Cities Youth Camp for Fine & Performing Arts on the Twin Cities University campus is scheduled for two weeks, from Sunday afternoon, July 9, to Saturday night, July 22. Made possible by grants from the Carnegie Foundation and the national Endowment for the Arts, the camp will give approximately forty students a rare opportunity to study and work with outstanding specialists in the fields of art, music, theater, and dance. The camp accommodate up to ten students in each of these fields.

Art Camp
Up to ten art students will be chosen on the basis of their entries in a competitive art exhibit to be held at Roseville High School on Saturday, May 13. Entries will be judged by an art professor from TCU, an art teacher from a local High School, and an art critic from the Minneapolis Institution of Art. Each student must enter at least three but not more than five pieces—at least one in oil, one in watercolor, and one in charcoal. Other categories include sculpture and computer graphics.

Music Club
As many as ten music students will be chosen based on their performance at competitive auditions to be held at Hiawatha High School on Saturday, May 13. The judges will include two professors of music from TCU, two music teachers from local high schools, and two music critics (One from the Star Tribune, the other from the Pioneer Press). Both vocalists and instrumentalists may enter the competition. For the first time, a computerized synthesizer may be used for accompaniment.

Theater Camp
Eight to ten theater students will be chosen on the basis of their performance at competitive auditions to be held at Richfield High School on Saturday, May 20. Judges will include two professors of drama and theater from TCU. Two class play directors from local high schools and one drama/theater critic from each of our local newspapers. Musical theater students...
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