Project Report on Ideal Entrepreneurial Ventures for Jharkhand

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Ideal entrepreneurial ventures for Jharkhand









* Acknowledgement

* Introduction

* Jharkhand at a glance

* Jharkhand: Fact Sheet

* Advantage Jharkhand

* Business Opportunities

* Some of the ideal entrepreneurship ventures for Jharkhand

* Conclusions and recommendation

* Limitation of the study

* Methodology and Bibliography


Life of any human being is full of interaction. No one is completely self sufficient by himself/herself. In our daily life we go ahead by acquiring something from each other. Whatever we do and whatever we achieve during the course of our limited life is just not by or own efforts but there is always some amount of effort contributed by other people associated with it. Whenever someone is doing some serious and important work where a lot of guidance from many people concerned is needed, one co-operation during the project work is left along lasting impression in my mind and while giving the final shape to my project report; I can’t forget acknowledging them in words. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Professor Prabal K Sen who gave us an opportunity to explore different horizons of this subject.


Jharkhand is a state in eastern India. It was carved out of the southern part of Bihar state on 15th of November, 2000. Jharkhand is bordered by the states of Bihar to the north, Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh to the west, Orissa to the south, and West Bengal to the east. The industrial city of Ranchi is its capital. The other major cities, all highly industrialised cities of eastern India, are Jamshedpur, Bokaro, and Dhanbad. Jharkhand is also popularly known as 'Vananchal' means a land mass covered with forests. Jharkhand is known for its mineral wealth and forestry products together with excellent human resources. Forest preserves support populations of tigers and Indian elephants. Most of the state lies on the Chota Nagpur Plateau, which is the source of the Koel, Damodar, Brahmani, Kharkai, and Subarnarekha rivers, whose upper watersheds lie within Jharkhand. Jharkhand has a rich variety of flora and fauna. The National Parks and the Zoological Gardens located in the state of Jharkhand present a panorama of this variety.

Jharkhand -- At a Glance|
The 28th state of the Indian Union was brought into existence by the Bihar reorganization Act on November 15,2000- the birth anniversary of the legendary Bhagwan Birsa Munda. Jharkhand is famous for its rich mineral resources like Uranium, Mica, Bauxite, Granite, Gold, Silver, Graphite, Magnetite, Dolomite, Fireclay, Quartz, Fieldspar, Coal (32% of India), Iron, Copper (25%of India) etc. Forests and woodlands occupy more than 29% of the state which is amongst the highest in India.| FACT SHEET*|  |

Population| 2,69,09,428|
Male Population| 1,38,61,277|
Female Population| 1,30,48,151|
Per Capita Income| Rs.4161.00|
Density of Population| 338 persons/Sq.KM|
No. of Districts| 24|
No. of Sub divisions| 35|
No. of Blocks| 212|
No. of Villages| 32620|
No. of Villages Electrified| 14667 (45 % of total)|
No. of Villages connected by Road| 8484|


Endowed with extensive mineral reserves

Jharkhand has around 40 per cent of the country’s mineral wealth. The state is one of the largest producers of coal, mica and copper in India. Because of its large mineral reserves, mining and mineral extraction is the major industry in the state.

Policy and fiscal incentives

Jharkhand offers a wide range of fiscal and policy incentives tothe industries, under the Industrial Policy, 2001. The state also has policies for IT and SEZ offering sector-specific incentives

High Economic Growth...
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