Project Management

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Project Management

Unit – 1

Concepts of Project Management: Project – Meaning – Nature – Types of project and project life cycle – Project management – Nature and scope of project management – Project management as a profession – Role of project manager.

Unit – 2

Project Identification and Formation: Project environment – Identification of investment opportunities – Project screening – preferability study – Project selection – Project formulation – Stages in project formulation – Project report preparation – Planning Commission’s guidelines for project formulation.

Unit – 3

Project Appraisal: Objectives, essentials of a project methodology – Market appraisal – Technical appraisal – Financial appraisal – Socio-economic appraisal – Managerial appraisal

Unit – 4

Project Planning and Scheduling: Objectives – Process or planning components or good planning – Project designing and project scheduling and time estimation – Scheduling to match availability of man power and release of funds – Cost and time trade cost.

Unit – 5

Project Execution and Administration – Project contracting: Contract pricing, Types – Project organization: Forms of organization – Project direction – Project communication – Project coordination – Factors influencing effective project management – Project time monitoring and cost monitoring – Project over runs.

Unit – 6

Project Control: Control techniques – PERT, CPM – Proper review – Project audit.


1. Prasanna Chandra, Projects Planning, Analysis, Selection, Implementation and Review.

2. Gopalakrishnan P & Ramamoorthy V.E, Textbook of Project Management.

3. Kerner Harold, Project Management.

4. Dennis Hock, Project Management Handbook.

5. Choudhry S, Project Management

6. Goel B.B, Project Management: A Development Perspective

Lesson 1

Concepts of Project Management


1. To explain the nature and scope of Project management. 2. To give an over view about system approach and Project management. 3. To give an outline about the factors influencing effective Project management.


Projects are the building blocks to meet the enterprise objectives. Project management is essentially involved in executing the projects. It is recognized as a management philosophy in the recent past in addition to that of discipline. Project management has always been central to the existence of industries like construction, aerospace and defense, where schedule and cost goals are contract fundamentals.

The new design of maruti zen, concord supersonic jet aircraft, ship vasundhara, Godrej puff refrigerator, compaque computer, L&T crane steel rolling mill of the Tatas, New oil base for the ESSAR refinery, new production line of J.K cement, highway roads of the country’s capital city, new fly over in metropolitan cites etc have one thing common; indeed they are all purposefully unique and they are project. The basis logic behind on the these projects are; a. Investment of resources for a specific objective and b. a cause of irreversible change.

What is a project?

Project is a scientifically evolved work plan devised to achieve a specific objective within a specific period of time. It can be considered as proposal involving capital investment for the purpose of developing facilities to provide goods a and services. A project is a blue for print action oriented activities of an organization. A project reflected the plan for action in its totality. Like a movie film it is projection oriented process. The project has beginning middle and an end.

For example, cement project, manufacturing
Power project, refinery projects
Health project, Educational projects
Social project, construction projects etc....
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