Project Feasibility Report

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To complete the Never Stop Learning project, our team will supply a new website that will allow consumers to be directly connected to the business. Not only will the website meet the needs of our client, Ms. Charlet, but our group will also need to be efficient for each project task to be finished on time. We will use a content management system called Drupal to design the new website to perform regular maintenance and administrative tasks to push content to the website. A major advantage of using Drupel is that it does not require the technical knowledge of creating a website for it to be managed. This is essential for our Sponsor since she lacks the knowledge of creating a website. The content of the website can consist anywhere from text, photos, documents, music, videos or whatever the sponsor deems necessary for the website to portray the Never Stop Learning image. After the website design is created and approved through Ms. Charlet, our team will isolate each feature designed and work to develop the design to meet the demands of our client. Once we have the features are created, we will begin creating the website’s layout design and testing each design that our client approved. It will then reach its final stage, Ms. Charlet will sign off that it is a finished product with her approval and will be loaded onto the live site using 1& on a Linux server. The entirety of this project will be completed by April 28, 2013. END-USER AND STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS:

The stakeholders for this project are Ms. Mary Beth Charlet. Never Stop Learning is run by Ms. Charlet as the sole proprietor and makes all final decisions not only in her business, but also this project. Her work is centered on the running of this business and creating this website will not only be a form of advertisement within her area, but also a way for her to expand into the e-commerce industry of the global economy. An effective website not only will allow her to reach her broad target audience of 3yrs+, but also maintain the business’ professional integrity. She will also be the topmost end-user of the new website and will complete any updates or maintenance of the site after the project end date. REASONS FOR INITIATING PROJECT:

Never Stop Learning would like to utilize all communication channels when targeting consumers. The business has been running for less than a year and utilizing all channels of communication for promotion, which is of high interest to the sponsor. Running a website is cheaper than most local advertising options. Hiring an independent contractor was also unlikely due to the high charges for the creation and maintenance over time. A website that is user-friendly and functional while promoting her business’ products and services provided is essential for Never Stop Learning to compete in the global market.

Ms. Mary Beth Charlet will be able to promote her services as well as promote and sell her products on this newly designed website. Because her focus is helping clients one-on-one to help them develop specific skills, she also would like to add links to constructive games online that she plans on using to show individuals their options outside of her business that will help them while having fun. She will be able to update consumers with daily tips through the integration of Never Stop Learning’s Facebook page. This also promotes her social media presence. DELIVERABLES AND INCIDENTAL OUTPUTS TO END-USERS:

Our deliverables to end-users for Never Stop Learning will be a fully efficient and effective website which contains functional features. We will be meeting as a team weekly with Ms. Charlet for evaluations and/or approvals unless otherwise seen as not necessary for that week by both sponsor and project team. STATEMENT OF PROJECT SUCCESS:

This project will be considered a success after completion which consists of all features and items deemed necessary...
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