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Topics: Management, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Lillian Moller Gilbreth Pages: 23 (5878 words) Published: April 20, 2013
The Production/Operations Function In Business A. True/False
1. Production/operations Management refers to creation of goods whereas production refers to the creation of services. 2. All organisations, including service organizations such as banks and educational institutions, have a production function. 3. Production is a creation of goods and services.

4. W. Edwards Deming is known as the Father of Scientific Management. 5. Lillian Gilbreth is credited for the early popularization of interchangeable parts. 6. The person most responsible for initiating use of interchangeable parts in manufacturing was Whitney Houston. 7. The origins of the scientific management movement are generally credited to James Taylor. 8. Operations Management is the set of the activities that create goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs. 9. Operations Management only applies to the creation of tangible goods. 10. An example of a “hidden’ production function is money transfers at banks. 11. Operations management has benefited from advances in other fields of study. 12. In order to have a career in operations management, one must have a degree in statistics or quantitative methods. 13. The operations manager performs the management activities of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling of the POM function. 14. “Should we make or buy this item?” is within the Human Resources and Job Design critical decision area. 15. Marketing is one of the three functions critical to an organization’s survival. 16. Students wanting to pursue a career in operations management will find multi-disciplinary knowledge beneficial. 17. The quality of a product is more difficult to measure than that of a service. 18. Consumer interaction is often high during the manufacturing process.

19. A company is considered excellent only if it is the best in its business.
20.The three primary functions in a business organization are operations/production, finance, and marketing.
21. Business functions are autonomous, thus each function can set objectives without much coordination.
22. In batch manufacturing, a few or several products share the same production resources.
23. Productivity and quality are easier to measure in manufacturing operations than in service operations.
24. Since customers are present in all service operations, service operations can provide only custom services.
25. Batch manufacturing must be capable of performing a wider variety of tasks as compared to job shop manufacturing.
26. A project for a service organization might be development of a computer software package.
27. There is a clear dividing line between manufacturing operations and service operations.
28. Specialization means each component of a product is fashioned to fit that particular item and should not fit any other item.
29. Because of the use of specialization, the industrial revolution brought about the need for a less formal procedure and a less sophisticated method of management.
30. Management Science (because of its use of mathematical theory) is the same as scientific management.
31. The primary difference between Taylor’s study of management and Fayol’s is that Fayol’s was a top-down approach, with emphasis on overall administration, whereas Taylor’s study was a bottom-up approach, with an emphasis on shop management.

32. The Industrial Revolution began in Japan.
33. According to Adam Smith, specialization was more likely to lead to the development of mechanical devices to assist operations.
34. Sergio Farmerson’s success is attributable to the use of specialization and interchangeable parts.
35. In using F. Taylor’s scientific management, a duty of management was to select the best worker for a job, so that not much...
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